Drawing  N. 014

Made of AISI 316 stainless steel. The upper surface is divided into two zones.

Working zone with n. 4 mobile holed surfaces, subsurface zone rinsed by rapid step controlled rinsing nozzles and protected by a siphon clogged through a level sensor.
Washing zone with one sink measuring mm. 290x400x200 h. with a drain and a siphon. Pawl drain. Extractable washing and cleaning shower.

Hot water / Cold water dispensing/mixing unit with a elbow control. Trencher with a Teflon plate measuring mm. 500×400. One pressed stainless steel small sink for formalin. Formalin dispenser, manually controlled, complete with a dosing pump. Automatic formalin discharge system complete with a sensor and motorised valves, intended to prevent the fumes from returning to the operator. Level system on the formalin load and unload container, complete with a dispensing and discharging lock in case of unsuitable levels.

Aspiration system: perimetric structure complete with an internal sink with n. 6 removable holed surface rinsing nozzles. A mushroom-shaped suction tower is installed in the middle and protected against the penetration of any liquid. Sewage drain. One 220 Volt. 1000 m³/h compact cage electrical aspirator.

The aspiration occurs on the whole working surface through a holed surface and in the front. Arrangement of a delivery system to the eject canalisation.

Filtering system: it is made up of an activated carbon filter (CAMCARB type) consisting of a galvanised sheet iron support and of 8 cylinders containing activated carbons. Each cartridge is made up of 2 concentric holed sheet iron cylinders so that they can support the activated carbon. Absorbing capacity for gaseous substances (formaldehyde) according to humidity, temperature and contact times which can be any way accepted with the passing of time. Replaceable filter charge.

Lower part in AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel partially closed with removable stainless steel panels, enabling the operator to inspect hydraulic/electric plants. Centralised control board with compliant switches, differential switches and protections. Rear zone on the side along the protection with a stainless steel flat band, mm. 600 high, with a deposit shelf. Mounted on adjustable feet. Removable socle.

Complies with the regulations of the European 93/42 CEE – 98/37 CEE – 73/23 CEE – 89/336 CEE. Complies with the regulations of the European CEI EN 60601-1.

Scotch brite finish. Dimension mm. 1900x800x900+600 h.


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