Built entirely in 18/10 AISI 304 stainless steel. Smooth upper surface and riser on the back. One heating/cooling tank sized as in drawing provided with insulation. Hinged cover with double wall above equipped with gas spring  that maintains safety conditions when open. Hydraulic system composed of:  Ø ½” water filling pipe and cock.  Ø ½” anti-steam coil pipe and cock on board tank. Motorized lower drain with Ø 1” ball valve. Electrical system composed of main switch and control panel equipped with: liquid crystal display at rear  – illuminated for work cycle phase and error display, control keys and mushroom shaped button for reset or emergency stopping. The electronic board that receives/distributes the input/output signals, a safety thermoregulator, and the remote control switches for the control of the heating resistances (no. 3 of 2500W power) and the cooling unit are positioned inside the lower compartment. Cycle end buzzer. Main switch with interlocking of the electric panel and safety fuses. Water-cooled, 1.5 kW refrigerator compressor unit installed in the lower part. Chiller-type refrigeration system with +2-4°C chilled water circulating in tank.

Work cycle:

The sample temperature sensor is intended to sample the pasteurizing cycle. It is designed for insertion in a control bottle. This sensor is operating in place of the sensor in the sink. It is activated by inserting it into the plug on the control display and it is intended to control the work cycle. The temperature values measured by the sensor during the operation are recorded and stored by the controller. Afterwards it will be possible to check every single work cycle by means of a management software.

Work cycle:

  • hot water charge in automatic mode, regulated by a level sensor
  • heating up to the pre-set temperature (62-64°C) for the pasteurizing time established (30 minutes)
  • hot water discharge
  • sink  filling in automatic mode, regulated by a level sensor
  • water and nursing bottle cooling up to the pre-set temperature (minimum admitted value +2°C.)
  • sound / light end-of-cycle warning signal

Lower piece of furniture closed on either side, opened at the back. Assembly on adjustable feet. European directives applied 93/42 EEC (medical devices), 89/392 EEC (machines), 73/23 EEC (low voltage), 89/336 EEC (electromagnetic compatibility). European standards of reference EN 60601-1.

Scotch brite finish.


DRAWING N. 01NB002-10
Sizes mm. 1000x650x960 h.
N. 3 baskets mm. 270x210x200 h 12 baby bottles
N. 2 baskets mm. 400x210x200 h 18 baby bottles


DRAWING N. 05NB010-12
Sizes mm. 1200x650x960 h.
N. 4 baskets mm. 270x210x200 h 12 baby bottles
N. 2 baskets mm. 400x210x200 h 18 baby bottles


DRAWING N. 05NB010-15
Sizes mm. 1500x650x960 h.
N. 6 baskets mm. 270x210x200 h 12 baby bottles
N  n. 2 baskets mm. 400x210x200 h 18 baby bottles



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