Composed of n. 3 groups of three up placed cells with individual doors measuring mm. 680×500.

Total dimensions: mm. 2960x2260x2260+350 h.

Working temperature: 2°C to +4°C with +30°C maximum ambient temperature.

Description: The unit is made from metal with special white painting/lacquering.

Insulation made with 80 mm. thick polyurethane resins. All accessories are chromium-plated with front electrical controls.

The refrigerated unit can be mounted at the top or elsewhere according to requirements.

Stretchers: N. 9 made with AISI 304 stainless steel mm. 2060x620x50.

Tracks: made with special steel fitted inside the unit. Each track has three free rollers and one locking roller covered in plastic. V.220-A. 16/GAS TYPE R134A.



celle refrigeranti

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