Drawing   N. 02DT005

Upper area with punched front and plenum for suction. Shelve. Fan and filters.

Area below close with n. 4 sliding doors. Internal one movable shelve.

Complete with suction fans.

Aspiration system: perimetric structure complete with an internal sink with n. 6 removable holed surface rinsing nozzles. A mushroom-shaped suction tower is installed in the middle and protected against the penetration of any liquid. Sewage drain. One 220 Volt. 1000 m³/h compact cage electrical aspirator.

The aspiration occurs on the whole working surface through a holed surface and in the front. Arrangement of a delivery system to the eject canalisation.

Mounted on adjustable feet. Removable socle. Scotch brite finish.

Dimension 1900×800+200×900+600 h.


  • U.V.  Lamp




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