Drawing N. 5967

Upper monobloc surface made of AISI 316 stainless steel. Bright finishing; 1,2 and 1,5 mm. thickness. The internal surface is inclined towards the centre. Three rinsing nozzles arranged on the head with a cock control. One  sink mm. 400x400x250 complete with a Ø 1/2” hot water/cold water dispensing unit with an articulated neck.

Central drain of the sink with a grille drain. Complete with a HP 0.5 220 Volt single-phase triturator, with a drain and siphon. Case intended to cover the sink unit. One extractable douche with flexible piping. One reversible water aspirator with flexible piping. Mm. 700×700 central bearing column with a 40×40 stainless steel tubular bearing structure and mobile steel panels along the perimeter.

Front controls. Hydraulic and electric connections inside. AISI 304 bearing structure. Complies with the regulations of the European 93/42 CEE – 98/37 CEE – 73/23 CEE – 89/336 CEE. Complies with the regulations of the European CEI EN 60601-1. Scotch brite finishing.

Dimensions mm. 2700x800x900 h.




















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