Dirawing N. AEUP

Realised with AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel; 1 mm. thickness.

The cabinet has been designed and realised to accommodate endoscopes, for which a special coupling system has been arranged.

N. 2+2 swing doors with dustproof seal, with or without Visarm glass windows.  The cabinet is complete with a key lock door closing system.

Light system on both sides.

1/2/3/4 stainless steel sliding supports for flexible endoscopes equipped with extractable guides.
Sterilisation by 30 Watt 230-Volt R.U.V. lamps and forced air circulation by fans. Safety switches to avoid operation when door are open.
Main switch and protection fuses. Capacity 4/8/12/16 endoscopes.

Mounted on socle. Scotch brite finish.

mm. 600x600x2200 h. – n. 1 +1 door – n. 1 column – n. 4 endosopes

mm. 800x600x2200 h. – n. 2+2 doors – n. 2 columns – n. 8 endoscopes

mm. 1000x600x2200 h. – n. 2+2 doors – n. 3 columns – n. 12 endoscopes

mm. 1300x600x2200 h. – n. 2+2 doors – n. 4 columns – n. 16 endoscopes


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