Single complete meal container, thermal container with superimposed components for hot food (first course, second course, side-dish, compote etc.).
Bottom non-thermos container for cold side-dishes and portion food (raw vegetables, fresh fruit, cheese, sliced salami and ham, etc.)

  • Dietetic service for hospitals and schools
  • Home meal service for the old
  • Single cantine service (for keepers, shift workers, etc.)


Available unixthermo compositions


  • Unixthermo 3 elements (2 thermal – 1 neutral)
  • Unixthermo 4 elements (3 thermal – 1 neutral)
  • Unixthermo 2 elements (2 thermal)
  • Unixthermo 1 element
  • Unixthermo 2 elements (1 thermal – 1 neutral)




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