Mod. 724 hermetic (4 x 18 W)

dimensions mm. 624×600 with characteristic as in specific lime.


All the roof lamp assigned to sterile sanitary room (operating room) are:

  • Classifiable as dustproof and waterproof with grade of protection IP65
  • Realized with a steel corps with weld and painted joint with a procedure in acrylic white powder, stabilized to the UV ray, anti-yellow;
  • Laminar optics with a steel corps 99,99 with parables in low illumination (60°), anodized in specular areas (2 micron);
  • Frame glass carrier, realized in anodized steel natural colour ARS 15;
  • Before the painting, on the external side there is a perimetrical frame ( made of L bent sheet from mm. 10×10) destined to the living of the roof lamp;
  • The roof lamp are complete of any particulars and accessories for a perfect operating in base of the current dispositives: wiring harness complete of isolate antiflame cords; electronic reactor for alimentation 35 KHz, lamp carrier, terminals, cables terminal, fluorescent  tubes from 18 e 36 W.

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