The main categories are:

  •  furnitures for operating rooms (technical walls, operating room doors, passing through windows and dirty tunnel, scrub stations for surgeons and modular panels for operating theatre);
  •  furnitures and equipments for sterilization and sub central sterilization (packing tables with accessories, washing benches with ultrasound, passing through cabinets and pass-through box);
  • endoscopy and plaster room furniture (endoscopes / catheters holder box and plaster sinks); multidisciplinary steel furniture (washing benches, working benches, drawers, benches with termodisinfector washers, various cupboards, tables and furnitures with sliding doors); furnishings for pediatrics and lactarium;
  • thermodisinfectors for bedpans;
  • washing tunnels and thermodisinfector for beds and trolleys;
  • furnishings for anatomy rooms (autopsy tables, dissection tables and mortuary refrigerators); trolleys (stools, trolleys for operating room and other specialist trolleys);
  • kitchen equipment (thermo trolleys and stainless steel kitchens).

Besides the production in series, Metalarredinox is able to produce special machining of stainless steel tailor-made according to customer requirements, through the work of the office interior design, which processes most appropriate solutions to achieve the required objectives.

In the end of the century, Metalarredinox obtain the qualifications, marks and recognitions to become a leader in hospital equipment. The production system of Metalarredinox complies with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2000 and is the aim of this standard that the company intends to offer a quality service, worthy of the expectations of any customer. With ISO 9001 VISION UNI-EN-ISO 13485, the company has achieved the requirements for a quality management system that can be used both in internal organization, for the certifications and finally for the relationships contracts.